Composer and Orchestrator of music for film, television, radio, theatre, orchestra, chamber ensembles and bands since 1970. Clients include Royal Shakespeare Company, U2, RTE and RTE Symphony Orchestra, Pavarotti and Bono. Currently composing original material for Dublin band Metropolis.

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U2, Carole King, Daniel Lanois, Quincy Jones, Frank Sinatra, Hazel O'Connor, Stevie Wonder, The Frames, Luka Bloom, RTE, Hothouse Flowers and many others have enjoyed the benefits of Paul's challenging production style.

Grounded in the techniques and technologies of the 1980's, and kept relevant to the present day, he has kept abreast, if not ahead of, the current mouse-pushing audio-engineering throng.


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Keyboardist, Vocalist or Brass Player performances with U2, RTE Symphony and Concert Orchestras, Paul Brady, Sinéad O'Connor, Royal Shakespeare Company, Hothouse Flowers, Hazel O'Connor, Leo Sayer, Metropolis, Sonny Condell, The Blown Identity, Bono, Indigo Girls, Radar and Sleepless Knights.



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50 Years of Professional Experience

Although his parents attempted to pervert his life to Evil, by presenting him with a piano accordion at the age of seven years old, Paul turned the whole enterprise against them by turning the enterprise to Good. He thought himself to read music by numbers, instead of notes. When that failed, they tried again, in the form of another Italian corruption; the electric reed organ. He did knock his first compositions on that vile instrument nonetheless.

Brass band..trombone....RTESO....Sean Cahill....Rabies....Sleepless Knights...Jump....

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