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2 thoughts on “Blog: Recent Activities”

  1. Practicing my flugabone and keyboard parts today, for tomorrow’s Metropolis performance in Arthur’s Pub, Thomas Street, Dublin 2.

    This well set up venue, has a warm atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff, and a Petrof grand piano the same as my own home instrument.

    It is across the road from the very famous Guinness brewery which, as all Irish people know, is the centre of the Universe. This is as close as it gets to playing for St. Peter at the legendary Pearly Gates, methinks.

    Here is hoping Saint Arthur Guinness likes my latest compositions.

    Kick off is 9pm. €10 cover.

  2. I am also having great fun today re-recording an old favourite of mine, from the very early Metropolis days.

    “Raga Mama Raga” may have actually pre-dated the prehistoric formation of Metropolis in 1979. “Raga Mama Raga” was early loop-music really.

    It consists of up to five layers of 3 bar 4/4/ phrases, and was originally played on my 1996 Polymoog.

    The wonderful XILS Labs have recently released their version this debateably first polyphonic synthesiser, in all it’s glories and horrors. The original was chronically unreliable, so it is a great relief to be able to depend on Xavier’s fantastic re-invention. Having not played one for over 36 years, it is impossible to assess it’s authenticity, but I have felt the hair raising on the back of my neck a few times. I trust those hairs a lot, mostly when I am off sailing long journeys.

    I once had to solder a pair of power transistors into the power supply of my Polymoog, during the live transmission on TV of the Eurovision Song Contest.
    I had one song that I was not playing, so I had (was it?) 2 minutes and 50 seconds to do the job. That song actually won the completion that year. It was the fabulous “What’s Another Year” by Shay Healy, who’s wife’s funeral is sadly taking place today. May she rest in peace.

    Talk to you later.

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